A Celebration of Diverse Ideas and Inspiring Talks

TEDxNUST is focused on spreading ideas and fostering dialogue and discussion on a variety of topics. The theme of TEDxNUST events may vary, but they often feature talks by leading experts in their fields, as well as performances and other interactive elements. The goal of TEDxNUST is to foster groundbreaking discourse, provision of a plethora of insight and knowledge and to destigmatize the barriers that separate the multiple spheres of life.

The latest edition of TEDxNUST was held in late March 2022 with enormous zeal and zest. Despite political hurdles, it generated a rousing response of 100 participants with a NPS score of 80 which is considered world class in the fact that people will praise or recommend attending this event. The participants had extremely positive takeaways from the event. TEDxNUST 2022 was the culmination of utter dedication, hard work, creativity, and talent. As the evening progressed, our speakers wooed our audience with tales of their travels, their journey to footballing glory, and their climb to perilous mountain tops amongst other brilliant anecdotes. A veritable, yet carefully curated ensemble of guest speakers was concocted for the handpicked audience.

Inspiring Ideas and Discourse

The speakers included Ameera Adil, an aspiring climate change activist, Shayan Mahmud, a rising digital marketer, Hajra Khan, captain of Pakistan's national soccer team, Aziz Jamali, additional chief secretary of Gilgit-Baltistan, Hamza Bhatti, a visual story telling maestro, Sajid Sadpara, the son of the legendary Ali Sadpara, and Kamran Ali, the man who went around the world on his bike! There were talks about curating environmental rehabilitation and restoration, disaster management and social development, adapting with the times, breaking stereotypes, building on your dreams, finding yourself in paths that take you away from home and reaching mountain peaks when everything in life becomes forlorn shadows.

Sharing Ideas and Insights

The event was an ambient, inspiring occasion that consisted of diverse speakers ranging from scientists to entrepreneurs to explorers. The talks covered a range of topics, from climate action to population service in the public sector to daring adventures across the globe. The guest speakers offered sage, thoughtful insights to the audience with their profound acumen in their respective fields. TEDxNUST 2022 was the epitomical fruition of inspirations from across the nations acting as an antidote for the young and forthcoming minds of the future. With the motivation of outdoing its predecessor, TEDxNUST 2023 sought to carve it's name in the history books