About the Event

TED began in 1984 as a conference converging Technology, Entertainment, and Design. Today, it has evolved into a non-profit organization devoted to spreading all-encompassing ideas through the TED conference and independently organized TEDx events. TED welcomes passionate people from every background to transform attitudes and lives through the power of ideas. Additionally, TED.com serves as a clearinghouse of such ideas, containing TED and TEDx talks in 100+ languages, delivered by inspired thinkers from across the globe.

The National University of Sciences and Technology is a comprehensive, research-led institution, vowing quality education. Consistently ranked amongst the top 500 universities in the world, NUST promotes academic excellence while remaining in touch with present trends. The university comprises 18 paramount institutions, spanning 746 acres, with a student body of 15,000+ in 6 campuses across Pakistan. Additionally, NUST fosters a culture conducive to creativity and innovation, ensuring that its students are prepared for every challenge.

TEDxNUST provides participants with an unparalleled opportunity to share their ideas and become part of the global TED community. Additionally, thanks to their online availability, talks delivered at TEDxNUST also empower many, to take their first step towards self-improvement.
For a long time , stereotypical perspectives and opinions have been deeply rooted in our society which has caused society to be on the back-foot continuously. Many issues are not vocalised as they are considered taboo, or being stuck with traditional ideas lead conversations on crucial issues to result in controversies. Raw talent and skills are undermined and discouraged as they go beyond the perspectives and norms set by society.
Therefore, keeping the aforementioned issues in view, TEDxNUST, this year, is going to follow the theme "Changing Narratives" to shed light upon prevalent affairs of society, and to hand the torch to such influential people who have experiences that break the barriers of society's set-normal so that they may lead the coming generation towards betterment and inspire them to look ahead of the horizon to the world beyond.