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The Art of Being


Asma Khawar

Asma Khawar Khawaja is a social activist, philanthropist and criminal lawyer from Sialkot, where she founded Sherzan to promote art. She is the Pakistani representative of Skateruktis which landed her a feature in Vogue Arabia.

Have You Met Youreself


Eram Saeed

Eram, born into a patriarchal society, found hope in self-development and spirituality. She bridged the gap between East and West by sharing her knowledge, empowering women, and dispelling misconceptions about Islam. Her mission is to spread Universal Truth and self-mastery to all.

Being the Change


Hamza Shafqaat

Hamm Shafqaat is a Pakistani civil servant who serves in BPS-19 grade as the Provinical Information Secretary, Government of Balochistan. He belongs to the Pakistan Administrative Service. Previously, he has also served as DC Islamabad.

You Are Born to Fly


Moiz Shauqat

Moiz Shaukat is a 21-year-old differently-abled boy who inspires people of all generations in Pakistan. He is the youngest author, motivational speaker, trainer, and peace ambassador in Pakistan.

The Power Within You


Zeba Hussain

Zeba Hussain is a visionary non-profit founder and director who operates schools in marginalized areas. She provides free education to disadvantaged children and has transformed numerous young lives.

Exposure Adds Value to Personality and Perspective


Zara Naeem Dar

Shining Pakistan's name on the global stage, Zara Naeem Dar topped headlines and conquered social media when she scored the highest in the ACCA examination spanning 179 countries. TEDxNUST gives you the chance to gain an insight into this brilliant and exemplary individual

Change the Narrative of Change Itself


Awaid Irshad Bhatti

Meet Awaid Irshad Bhatti, currently serving as Assistant Commissioner of Industrial Area Islamabad. Apart from his exemplary civil service record, Awaid is the acclaimed topper of CSS 2017 alongwith having degrees from top level universities such as UC Berkeley and Cambridge University. Witness this phenomenal individual unlike ever before at TEDxNUST

Changing Narratives


Raja Zia ul Haq

A man who has mastered the art of connecting with youth and has effectively utilized technology to construct a unique way of preaching, Raja Zia ul Haq is the founder of Youth Club, an organization dedicated to promoting Islamic values in people and character building using the power of social media. A renowned speaker, we are sure our audience will definitely savor his profound talk